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Why Choose The Photo Lab BD?

10 Years of Experience​​

With over 16 years of experience, we’ll guide you through whatever it takes to dominate the image editing market and make more revenue like never. Holding our hands means you’ll see the big picture through our long experience.

Discount on Bulk Volume

Making money is not an easy job. You got to work all day long to fill your pockets and we understand it. If you order more than 1000 files from us, we’ll make you an alluring discount offer you can’t resist.

100% Data Safety

Not just quality, we ensure your security as well. With us around you, all of your information will be safe and sound. We guard your data 24/7, making sure it doesn’t get leaked.

3 Step Quality Control​​

Our experienced professional quality controllers check every file multiple time to avoid any issues. With our client oriented 3 step QC process for any image editing solution allow us to provide guaranteed quality assurance for every image.

Fastest Turnaround​

In a rush? Being too fast can ruin your quality but we’re here to turn the tables. With our experts, we’ll give you the fastest delivery on your demand, maintaining the quality to the max.

Our Services

Clipping Path Increase sales with images that standout. Clipping Path is a service that simply removes or cuts a background from an image. We deliver handmade Clipping path using Photoshop Pen Tool to have the best output. Depending on the degree or complexity of the image to be clipped we set the pricing.

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If you’re looking for an image background removal service, then you’ve come to the right place. Background removal service can be a tedious task and you need the best background remover for your images. That’s where we come in! We provide high-quality image background removal services, photo editing services that will suit your needs. We take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

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Jewelry retouching services are essential to any jewelry business. Your beautiful products deserve professional attention, and our team of professionals is here for you! Whether you need a quick touch-up or an intensive makeover, we can handle it. We start by evaluating your photos to determine the best editing plan for your needs. If your product images don’t look as good as they should, our expert photo editors will have them looking perfect in no time at all.

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We offer professional ghost mannequin photo editing services. The ghost mannequin effect is simply a type of post-processing that can be used for both photography and image-editing purposes. It has become popular among our customers because it helps them see how their products are meant to be worn in real life, which makes the customer more confident about ordering from us!

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Get high-end photo retouching services at very affordable prices. Our company has skilled and experienced image retouching professionals. Our high-end photo retouching services include color correction, skin smoothing, reducing wrinkles and blemishes, removing distracting backgrounds, and many more to improve the glamor of your images.

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Photoshop has many powerful tools for masking an image. The liquify tool is used with masks in photo editing as well because it can be very precise when reshaping or smoothing out any irregularities caused by hair, fabric, or other details. The liquify tool is used with masks in photo editing as well because it can be very precise when reshaping or smoothing out any irregularities caused by hair, fabric, or other details.

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Professionals will take your photo and correct the color, lighting, contrast, exposure, etc., to make it look as if you were there in person on location. Color correction can be used for any photo to give it an entirely new feel. Whether you’re looking to change the mood of a photo or simply want to replace a background with something different than what was originally there, color correction is the way to go!

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If you’re looking for an photo shadow creation service, then you’ve come to the right place. We love taking your footage and turning it into fantastic-looking photos that you’ll love to share. Get professional shadow creation service for your product image at affordable pricing. Drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow & more.

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