Jewelry Retouchers is slowly but surely growing an impressive clientele portfolio comprising well-known jewelry brands, photographers, and magazines known for their high standards for quality and artistry. What we lack yet in years we make up for in our drive for excellence in every aspect of our operations. Regardless of the number of photos you send us for retouching or the complexity of your requests, we will give your account the attention and expertise it deserves.

Your photos will be retouched by some of the most talented artists in the industry. We’ve proven our expertise in the following jewelry photo retouching techniques and services:

      • Background Cleaning and Removal
      • Base-Level Adjustments
      • Color Preservation
      • Creative Compositions/Edits
      • Digital Masking
      • Dust Cleaning
      • Final Touches
      • Gold and Silver Recoloring
      • Repainting Reflection, Shadow, and Shine

We stand out not because we are the only company to provide these services, but of our drive to give each client the smoothest and most satisfying business experience. Apart from delivering quality jewelry retouching, we enhance our customer service with dedicated project managers and open lines of communication.

Flawless photos, creative collaborators, and dependable customer service